Playing spoons

For information on the card game Spoons click here.

If you want to play spoons as a musical instrument, then you want to click here.

But if you are ready for another adventure in aggravating three-year-old inventiveness, here is the lunch special recipe of the week.

Take one three-year-old.  Add a thermos full of rice and beans, one very ripe banana, and a plastic spoon. Spill a lot of the rice on the floor. When the teacher says, "Oh, my, you are making quite a mess," drop a few banana chunks down there too. Stomp and slide this around, and get a good mash on the bottom of your shoe.  Scrape the bottom of your shoe with the plastic spoon to see what interesting sounds that will make until you get a grown-up's attention.

This is a lot more annoying when repeated on the next day!

Come on and hear, come on and hear,
Alexander's Ragtime Band.
Come on and hear, come on and hear,
It's the best band in the land!

© 2013 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I am seeing this as it happens. And smelling it!!

Kim said...

Grody to the max! Do NOT gag me with THAT spoon please.


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