In-A-Gadda_Da-Vida igloo

discombobulate (v.) Look up discombobulate at Dictionary.com
1834, American English, fanciful coinage of a type popular then (originally discombobricate). Related: discombobulatingdiscombobulation.

Wikipedia does not mention the dance in the gym of Millard Lefler Junior High with the mirrored disco ball.  A local band covered "In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida" while students threw chunks of cake donuts at each other under a strobe light.

Only Yinks drink pink ink. The preschoolers practiced winks and blinks, and washed up after at the sink.  Not my best art project, since the straws kept falling off the paper, but hey, a Yink's gotta drink.  Dr. Seuss's One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish is full of practical hints for learning how to read,  to manage wet pets or an ink surplus.  It helped my kiddies learn about "ink".

Teaching beginning letter sounds is very fun! It's a matter of finding illustrations and teeny-tiny objects for each letter sound that a young child might recognize.

In the line-up of difficult initial letter sounds for preschoolers we have:
  • Xx--xray ... and box and fox when you are totally exasperated
  • Qq--queen quilt quarter quartz
  • Uu--uncle umpire ugly umbrella
  • Nn--nickel nut necklace
  • and Ii--ink igloo insects iguana
Elementary art students liked the Yink's hairdo.

In related news

My grandbaby has conjunctivitis so I am learning all about pink eye variations.

Dallas Morning News columnist Steve Blow bemoans the demise of winking without an emoticon.

This being January, I don't have a nickel and a quarter to rub together.  Not so different from many Americans. "Affordable health care" is basically an ice pack, bandaids, generic vitamins, and a bottle of soothing pink Pepto Bismal.

Thanks to a 365 Project photographer I discovered the possibility of building an igloo out of plastic milk jugs--428 of them.  For many years my walking buddy and I have pondered the best options for living in a  cardboard refrigerator box under a bridge.  We've planned to weatherproof the box with hot pink and leopard print duck tape.  Now we are rethinking our retirement housing options! 

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