Taking Five with Dave Brubeck and Howie

Almost a decade passed between the time my parents filled out their free copies of Aging With Dignity's FiveWishes advanced directive and my father's final decline.  By then Dad had lost all interest in music or tolerance for most sounds.  It's embarrassing to admit that I had envisioned a farewell concert that was about me and not my exiting dad.


Dave Brubeck passed away yesterday, one day short of his ninety-second birthday.  Experiencing a live performance of his quartet in 2009 was a highpoint of my life.

Filling out an advanced directive is a huge help for your family when the time comes that you can't manage your affairs or tune your radio to 88.1 KNTU.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

This is poignant, sweet, and funny. Thank you. Love to you.

Kim said...

Yes to all of the above. And here we stay tuned to WGLT 89.1 fm which is our jazz and blues and news station, available on the web at wglt.org if you are curious!
(I might be an NPR robot!)

Collagemama said...

Thanks to you both. I was in need of a little boost.


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