Reading till the ball drops

My final read of 2012 was David Egger's Hologram for the King. True, the year is not over. I might pull one more National Book Award nominee out of my sleeve. Still, Egger's book just sapped the energy out of me. Should we all just sit around wondering if that lump on our neck is a benign  cyst or a malignant tumor? For me the heart of the book was the question of creating/building/making/manufacturing tangible goods vs. the creation of technological illusions/digital smoke and mirrors.

Closer to the surface the Egger book is the story of a fifty-something man who thinks he is dying.  I've already read one fifty-something man who thinks he's dying book this year, and that one was more fun.  Jonathan Tropper's One Last Thing Before I Go has plenty to consider without slogging through the desert sands.

Books I hope to read in the coming year:

Stockholm Octavo

Flight Behavior
Yellow Birds


Spine of the Continent
Lost Carving
House of Stone
Let the Meatballs Rest
Consider the Fork

The library just got a dictionary of modern proverbs that looks fun for browsing.

Happy reading in 2013, and no, I never did make pie crust.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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