Raider of the left sweatshirts

Cue the Indiana Jones theme song.  I've uncovered clues to three relics, and rescued two.  Sadly, the Hoosiers hoodie was beyond help. Worse, the goofy hat I found in the closet doesn't look like Indie's, but there you go.

Why am I searching for these relics in the empty nest closets? Because it is so chilly at the library. Most of the building has been gutted and/or demolished for a major renovation.  The library remains open, but without the luxuries of central heating, hot running water, or gas fireplaces.

These days it's so wonderful to have a paying job that I enjoy, that I gladly work around  inconveniences. But sixty degrees F is nicer for a hike than sitting at a computer cataloging or reading book reviews.

And so the search for sweatshirts. Now I regret nagging my grown sons to clean out their closets and drawers every time they came home for a visit.

Those sons were graduated from the University of Texas, Texas Tech University, and the University of New Mexico.  Found one Longhorns sweatshirt, but no Red Raiders or Lobos.

Said sons went on exchange and study abroad programs to UMass-Amherst, Paderno del Grappa and Viterbo, Italy. No souvenir sweatshirts. Bummer.

By grad school their laundry habits still included lengthy composting of dirty clothes followed by overloading washing machines and underfunding dryers, then another epoch of soggy strata. The U of  Indiana sweatshirt could have been found in a melting glacier next to a meal-ready mastodon. Saber-toothed tigers had ripped the drawstring out of the hoodie.

No sweatshirts from Georgetown, Northwestern, or George Washington U. This positive note--I found a never-worn navy hoodie from the school of Reebok, and it fits.

Happy New Year!

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Happy New Year Nancy! My son has permanently borrowed by Illinois sweatshirt (my alma mater) and I got him a Kentucky sweatshirt at Goodwill recently thinking I would get the Illinois one back. I have SO much to learn.

Kim said...

that's MY not BY...oy.


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