I've fallen and I can't make Krunch

Got out to Oregon for our family Thanksgiving, and my gathered sons asked in unison,
"Where's the Krunch?"

Who am I? Clara Peller? Of course you know that Clara was the short octogenarian shouting the Wendy's catchphrase in those memorable television ads way back when my sons were babies.

Fell down on the mom job, as it didn't occur to me I should fly with a carry-on full of Chex Mix.  But now I've pushed my Life Call button and help is on the way!  It is good to have an area of perceived expertise, no matter how misguided that perception.

Back in Texas, I'm assembling vast quantities of Chex cereals and Imperial margarine. I've settled on Rold Gold pretzel sticks, and splurged on designer Cheerios. The "kids" and I sat around the big dining table bewailing the loss of Mister Salty Thin Pretzel Sticks, the gold standard, no longer sold by Nabisco.

I've taken a straw poll.  Although two sons are okay with mixed nuts, all three want peanuts in the Krunch.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


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Kim said...

Yeah, bring some to the Women's Retreat next spring... no excuses.


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