The world would beat a path to my door

...if I could only invent a childproof glue-stick for use by preschoolers! Kids can't open brand new glue-sticks. Once opened, kids can instantly twist the glue up out of the tube until it

  1. falls completely out of the glue-stick tube
  2. can be mashed down by putting the lid back on the tube
  3. can be used as pretend lipstick
  4. can be schmushed onto the paper
  5. can be schmeared on the wrong side of the paper
  6. can be used like a crayon to coat the paper
  7. can stick to your underarm
  8. can roll away under the table and then be stepped on
On a happier note, the weather is cooler and I'm back out on the paths and trails many days after school for mental health and exercise. It's been a fine week for fritillary finds, but yesterday it was the hawk that made my day. I hadn't been on the trail that goes under the overpass for a long time, as there's almost no shade.

The hawk was busy catching supper as the trucks roared by. It flew right across my trail while I fumbled my camera.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

Great hawk photo!


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