The Mark of Zig Zag Girl

So you would like to fold a zig zag? Very good. We must start with a strip of paper about 11" x 2", preferably colorful. Sit in a circle, each holding the strip vertically.Fold down a small flap, perhaps an inch long.  Give the flap two eyes. He is looking at you.

Who?  Who is looking at me?  Zig Zag Guy, of course!

Now fold Zig Zag Guy's head backwards so he looks at your friend across the circle.  Tell your friend, "He is looking at you."

Fold Zig Zag Guy's head again so you can see the whites of his eyes.  Say, "He is looking at me."

Folding Zig Zag Guys has been my students' favorite lesson this fall.  So, naturally, I want to be Zig Zag Girl for the school Halloween party.  I've already been a baked potato, a bat, a galaxy, Blue Dog, and an art teacher diva.  Why not a folded superhero girl?

Why not?  Well, possibly because folding and dyeing a t-shirt to create a zig zag pattern requires superhero girl concentration to the Zth power. So far I keep making diamond patterns instead of zig zags. Super Zig Zag Girl will have to make another trip to the craft store.  Zip Zip Zip!

All I know about Zorro I learned before I went to kindergarten.  Disney had a Zorro show from 1957-1959.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kathleen said...

You could wear a white t-shirt and just keep folding this way and that, right?


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