Curse of the Spider Woman*

Don't look at me even through squinted eyes. I am toxic. I am Typhoid Mama. No inanimate object is safe. Some animate ones behave too inanimately. It's been bad voodoo all over the place.

So far just since the rodents and the rat snake on the patio:

  • Stove control panel died.
  • Oven died.
  • Microsoft support for Windows Home Premium operating system evaporated.
  • Preschoolers took poopy pants to a whole new level.
  • Brakes on Buick started grabbing and squawking.
  • New electric range is delivered, but the old one is wired directly into the condo electrical system and giant delivery dudes are not authorized to remove old or install new range.
  • Canon printer pooped out.
  • Preschool pet rabbit plays possum while lead teacher is away on jury duty.
  • Giant spider attacked library.

On the upside:
  •  I finally got a photo of a funnel web spider.
  • The eleven-year-old preschool rabbit revived.
  • The lead teacher was not picked for a jury even though she was looking forward to being sequestered.
  • The brake work was minor.
  • I like Windows 7 and the new Canon printer.
  • It's finally autumn.
  • The condo mailboxes in the kiosk have been replaced after a year of broken locks and doors.

*Kiss of the Spider Woman was a haunting movie with William Hurt, Raul Julia, and Sonia Braga. Hurt won the 1985 Best Actor Oscar for his performance which did not involve mailboxes or rabbits as far as I can recall.

Once I had an evil eye charm given to me by an elderly traveling coworker.  Alas, I added the charm to a wire sculpture. The old blue eyes mystery of the Florida swordfish reminded me. I never had one of those creepy rabbit's foot key chains, thank heaven. I'm horrified to find they are still "harvested" and sold, even on Amazon.  

And so I close another crazed rant to go reweave my web.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Maybe insects, spiders, and rodents were getting into everything and breaking it. Hmm, but what about the poopy pants.

Are you giving me the evil eye right now?

Collagemama said...

Kathleen, I sure don't want to pass this voodoo on to you or anyone else. It's been very expensive and time consuming!

Kim said...

I loved Raul Julia and cried when he died so young. I believe in the evil eye. But poopy pants are just a crappy (haha) fact of life.


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