A great-great-grand procrastination

Ah, there are so many things I should be doing, all unappealing.  Since my visit with the Woolly Mammoth and his delightful friendgirl to Ellis Island in August, I've been wanting to make a transcript of a letter from my great-great-grandfather, August Sasse, (pronounced sassy so far as I know).  And I'm a tad tired of sassy, smart-alecky children, but you don't want to know!  I'm transcribing from a Photostat copy of August Sasse’s handwritten letter, and his penmanship is lovely.  I have tried to stay faithful to his punctuation and capitalization which are quite different from modern forms.  I hope to learn the typing of German diacritic marks, but bear with me.

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A short Biography of Mr & Mrs August Sasse so that our Children may have some idea; who Their parents are; and Country They came from, and it may possibly be an Ointment on Their Troubled Thoughts -- and a pleasant memory; in many years after we have gone  -- to our last resting place — Heaven:,, our new  home –:,, for we are positive that our lives have been such — That we are Entitled to a seat, with our dear Savior: — Your Mother Mrs Dorothy Sasse (nee.) Dorothea Margaret AufdenBrink was born May 31st 1840 in Bramsche (now) Province  of Hanover Germany; a small town of about 1500 inhabitants;,, her parents were in the Merchandize and Grain Business;,,  After she went through her Schools; and confirmed in The Evangelical Lutheran Church, at the age of 14 Years—she was a pupil in The College at OsnabrÜck;, for the Completion of her studies; such as Needlework — Knitting — housekeeping - and especially Cooking for The higher Classes: -and she made such headway, That in Two years Time, she was granted a Diploma, in all her studies. - after This she staid home for one year when she took a position , at Mr Schroeders —
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a Wine Merchant and Senator in the City of [ ]uakenbrÜck, located some 12 miles from her own home — here she was employed for seven years spending her time for six month every year in Amsterdam Holland — where the Schroeder family went every winter – to spend a part of their large income, and for the more interesting amusements to be had:,, -- It was at This Time, in the spring of 1865 when she married — of which will be shown  [illegible] — as I take up the short and unimportant Story of my own life:,, -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- ---- -
I August Sasse was born in the City of [ ]uakenbrÜck (now) Province of Hanover Germany, on the 20th day of August 1837. – My father was a discharged Soldier, of BlÜchers Army; who fought and defeated The great Napoleon, at the Battle of Waterloo; -- -- At the Time of his marriage to my mother, he was the Regimental Shoe or rather Bootmaker, for the division he had served in;,, my mother took a course of Midwifery, in The City of Osnabrück;, and [plied] that Business in her home in [Q]uakenbrück, until she Came to America, and died in 1876 in the City of Chicago Illinois;”—My Schooldays to The age of 14 – were many, and at times very short ones – for in between the Schoolhours; I had to work in a [Pr]inters Office –- stripping tobacco – running –

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Errands over the whole City, for the high mucky mucks; at The Enormous price of Three Cents per day. Or 15 cents if Engaged by the work:,,  At Times when out of Employment; I went and helped Theatrical Company’s, in the near by towns ; taking part in some of Their plays, and getting besides my living Expenses Nine Cents per day – Then I felt all The glory, of being rich – and my mother shed tears of joy ; when I came home, and gave her my savings.:” -- -- -- In These last [two OR five] years, from 12 to 14, I had learned The Cigar Trade; and was then able to earn from 1 ½ to 2 ½ [bollars] (German Thaler) every week. -- --In the spring of 1853, I came to New Orleans America, and landed in near Havana Mason County Illinois:,, I hired to a farmer for 20.00/100 a year with The privilege of going to the District School the following winter, to learn the English language:” – Well, I went 30 whole days  but never learned what the teacher talked to me about. -- -- but all the same, I had lots of fun, with the nice young girls – some of Them I remember at this late day;,, such as Bess – Ida – Lizzie –Martha and Jane: -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
The next year I hired for $70.00/100 and a pair of blue Overalls, if I would help to milk 4 Cows?

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Kim said...

Havana Illinois is about an hour from where I live. We drove through it every time we went to visit my grandparents in western Illinois when I was a kid. Now there are eagles that nest near the bridge there.


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