28th Regiment Illinois Volunteers

On August 1st 1861.  I enlisted in Camp Butte near Springfield Illinois in Company:,, Co:”  28th Regiment Illinois Volunteers infantry:,, I served in the 3d Brigade 4 Division 13th Army Corps -- -- Army of the Tennessee. -- -- [  ] part of my time, we were attached to the 16th Army Corps; not having enough men left in our own Ranks; to keep our own Corps Complete. I was honorably discharged on September 10th 1864.  at Springfield Illinois, after having served my time of enlistment, of three years and month!!!  -- -- --- -- --- ---
What shall I say of all the bloody fights and skirmishes? – or the more important Battles;,, such as Fort Henry & Heiman.—Shiloh or Pittsburg Landing – Corinth Miss:  Matamoras – Hollys [farm] Black River – Grand Gulf; -- or yet the more bloody ones of: Vicksburg – and Jackson Mississippi
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With the thought of all these slaughtering days it makes me shudder even now; and I wish they had not been:!’ -- -- -- -- --

Counting the skirmishes, and all other small affairs:,, where blood flowed freely:,, I have taken part in 28 fights or Battles – in fact from Cairo Illinois or Birds Point Mo.
To Pittsburg Landing.  Then the Siege on Corinth Miss; where we had a fight every day –and every night dug trenches – to protect ourselves; the following day- from the rebel hordes; and that on from the [7]th day of April, until the following 30th day of May; when the Rebels evacuated the City;, after setting fire to all their Commissary stores, and forage, which they could not take away with Them! – and when we marched in; The whole City was indeed a glare of fire brands in all directions!!- from here we were on many weary marches, Through the interior of The States of Kentucky = TennesseeMississippi – and Louisiana:”—On These long marches, we had many little [straches] near Bolivar Lagrange – Collierville and Hollysprings:,, -- -- -- -- --
As before stated, I was discharged in September 1864 at Springfield Illinois
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from there I went for a short visit to my old Camping ground; Havana Illinois – then went on a trip across the Ocean to my old Birthplace and found my dear old Mother alive and well!! – In my stay there that winter, -- I saw – admired – and loved your dear old mother;,, in The Lutheran Church at Bramsche = Your Mothers Birthplace;; in The presence of your Aunts:,, Elizabeth [ hland] – Anna Mundt – Hermione Kreiling – Caroline Rentsch – and your Uncle C. J. W. Sasse and many other relatives of your mother. ==

On the 20th day of February 1865, your dear old Mother and Myself, bid farewell to our beloved ones: and one month later, arrived at Havana Ills: where we rented a farm, and went to housekeeping.  In this part we rented and farmed for 7 Years in which time four Children were born to us:”—Caroliene September 26th 1865. Anna [Novor] = 1867 who died when 10 months of age:,,  Minnie Febr 18th 1869 – August, October 15th 1870 -- --

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Kathleen said...

Fascinating! I read a bunch of Civil War letters for a script I wrote last year for our cemetery walk!

Collagemama said...

Thanks, Kathleen. I think it is fascinating, too, and not just because it is written by an ancestor. Hang on for the homesteading years!


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