Red orbit

Struggling with my approach for art instruction with an incredibly young group of students this semester.  The smallest kiddies can just barely hold a pencil to scribble circles, and are inconsistent naming colors.

Stop worrying. Start with RED. That's what the voice said.

That voice is just the deep, stewy crockpot in my head, slowly simmering inspiration from seemingly random leftovers.

Can't tell my prefrontal cortex from my automatic ice cube maker, but I'm listening to the audiobook of Jonah Lehrer's How We Decide. The audiobook is fascinating, although reading the paperback kept putting me to sleep. How, oh how, am I going to teach art tomorrow?

Really red?  Just yesterday I posted about meaningless alliterative intensifiers, and "really" might be one in this situation.  What is the slow-cooker recipe for tomorrow's lesson? Stir it all together and see what happens!

  • A new Mars rover--Curiosity
  • My grandbaby reminds me of his dad's Red Rings toy from Johnson and Johnson back in 1982.
  • Outside my sliding door, Dad's colored rings hang from my birdfeeder hook. They used to hang in the dining area window. Pretty sure I bought the rings at the Dallas Arboretum and gave them to my folks.
  • Inside the condo, I unearthed a ziplock bag of red plastic peanut butter jar lids and other nesting lid sizes.
  • Paper-Pro Easy Punch 1-hole punch from Office Max chomping through ten sheets of paper. I'm impressed!

  • So, tomorrow night I hope to have photos of our art class red rings.

    © 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


    Kathleen said...

    I love your reds, and the tipped-over baby. And I should probably read How We Decide.

    Kim said...

    Your two blogs are full of serendipity-doo! Doobeedoobeedoo!

    Collagemama said...

    Kathleen--It's a really good book, but the audiobook is working better for me. I think you would enjoy it. Maybe even your book club would like it.

    Kim--Are you old enough to remember Dippity Do? It was a weird-smelling hair styling goop in the 70s, or maybe it was the 60s. I think inspiration and serendipity are cousins.

    Kim said...

    Yes I am way old enough to remember and have used it. (I am a very very old mom.)


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