Asp not what your condo can do for you

Glanced out the laundry room door to the patio when I got home. Worked some yesterday out back removing canna plants and sweeping away the soapberry tree debris. I was motivated by the mice... yes those spots before my eyes during my headcold.

No matter how Beatrix Potter cutesie you might look in the book, I got no use for yoose mousies running up the legs of my gas grill. You are going down!

Instead of mice, my little laundry room glance eyes spied a snake in the canna bed. Had it enjoyed a nice mouse brunch? Was it a condo neighbor's escaped pet, "Fluffy"?

Thanks to my high school buddy, Rosencrantz, for the likely ID. Texas rat snake seems to fit.

And yes, asp is a good crossword puzzle word when viper and cobra are too long.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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