Where is the pasta fest?

Indeed.  Where is it?  Sounds great, but nobody mentioned this event to me.  In an instant I'm fixated on marinara and parmesan.

Where is the nearest pasta fest?  Hmmm.  I went to a fun flea food fest in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) last Saturday.  So tough deciding what to eat!  Finally chose a Moroccan lamb merguez sandwich and a mint iced tea. Delicious, but a long way from Dallas!


But, hey, nobody told me there was a pasta fest. I would not have packed a sack lunch.

I need to mail.  Where is the post office? Oops.  Oh that posta fess.  There is a mailbox across the street.

I need a stamp. Alas, the nearest post office is several blocks from here. And that must mean no parmesan for moi.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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