Caillebotte drops his chewing gum

If you walk all the way north on the High Line and then look down you might be able to spot the pink blob of Bazooka bubble gum on the pavement far below.  Gustave dropped it intentionally even though his mommy said "No," in a very firm tone of voice.

Caillebotte's On the Pont de l’Europe (1876-1877) is one of my favorite paintings at the Kimbell Museum in Fort Worth. I love the close-up, cropped gentlemen, the almost monochromatic color, and the structural steelwork shapes.

This was my first visit to the High Line, and only my second trip to New York, so please excuse me for gawking like a yokel. Sorry that "Jeremiah Moss" is crabby about tourists and gentrification in his Chelsea neighborhood according to the 8/21/12 NYT column.  Maybe there's an anger management group for him that meets in the High Line amphitheatre.

The High Line has almost everything I could want in a destination:

Domino 1 2 3

  • Cool design
  • Repurposing of industrial space
  • Native plants
  • Awesome views of the city and river
  • It's free
  • A breeze
  • Gelato
  • All sorts of photo subjects
  • Benches for sitting down
  • Giant domino building and fire escapes
Construction zigzags

  • Oh, and zigzags. My tiny French student likes saying "zigzag". We fold our nap mats like zigzags at preschool.

Did I mention gelato?
Perhaps there will be another High Line post tomorrow. True, it will be the first day of preschool and then Gustave and I have to take a CPR certification renewal class. And where would we rather be?

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Anonymous said...

If you're a fan of Caillebotte, visit our genealogy page at http://www.MyFamilyJules.com where we post many previously unpublished facts about Gustave and his extended family.

cousin of Gustave

Kathleen said...

I keep hearing about the High Line. I'm glad you got to visit it. And, yes, you DID mention gelato. I picked up on that right away!!

And here is my Caillebotte:



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