August gecko mosaic


Every Wednesday for seven years I've rolled out the eleven recycling carts for our condo complex to be ready for the earlyThursday morning collection. Neither rain nor snow, heat nor sleet, preschool nose goobies or other wardrobe malfunctions. It's a little piece of my heart I give to my community so I don't have to ever serve on the HOA board of directors, thank you very much!

Each first Wednesday in August since 2008 I've been surprised to uncover a family of tiny geckos living under the same cart.  Love that I can almost set my watch by these baby geckos about an inch and a half long. When I roll away their shady home they scatter like a billiards break. The little one's reaction time was slow, and I was able to dig my phone out of my pocket after moving the cart. The sun was suddenly blazing down on the little reptile, so I wanted both of us to find shade soon! The rest of its family scurried down a crack in the sidewalk. Not a good photo, but I'm intrigued by the camouflage for life in a parking lot. Plus, I can imagine an intriguing mosaic project for somebody.

Just yesterday, way back in July, I was sight-reading hub.  Today I'm wondering about the hubs of hell. Does this expression come from Dante's rings, or from an hour spent in frustrating phone menu spirals? It's only 105 degrees here...

What would August be without Janis? The puzzles are Escher. The livin's easy.  

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Love those geckos!!

Kim said...

Me too...any lizards are adorable. Good project idea!


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