Turning into my mother

Dial back your Dork-O-Meter.  Push the reset button on your travel fashion doofus sensor. We are going in Mr. Peabody's Way-Back Machine.  There might be collateral aesthetic impacts.

I really like my new Kavu Sydney Satchel hiking bag for carrying my water bottle and camera.  But could I carry that natural twill on my upcoming trip to D.C. for all those aerobic stairclimbing workouts on the broken Metro escalators?

For this I needed the advice of a fashion maven, so I sent photos to my sister in Bethesda with the request that she be brutally honest.


I think it works. The cross body bag is inherently unflattering and it gets worse the fuller it is. But I think it is totally functional. just make sure the strap is really comfortable.... Looks Fritziesque, but we are both becoming more like her, and that's how it goes.

  Capri pants with walking shoes  
  Dorky sunhat 
 ☑  Goo-goo over grandchild
   Notebook for jotting down meals

If I could just dial the Dork-O-Meter back a bit more, Fritzi could join me for this trip. She would be pretty darned excited, especially if pie was involved.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

You are a constant delight! And have a wonderful trip! And some of us are really lucky when we get to become our mothers, aren't we?!


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