Hotter than a hub cap

Welcome to the red and blue world of sight-reading words. It's where I live, my den hut pup tent. Look, look, Dick, see Mom's cap.

My weekend was a pig mop pen sit.

Monday was a wet kid nap mat set.

I dream I can van map run hit road Jack.

Over a hundred degrees again today so it's a bug sun hot ant day.

huand taare 2 guys with hats and caps drinking from mugs, jugs, cups, kegs and taps.

Can Tab get a hit on his next at bat? Does Tab munch nuts? Does Tab chew gum in the dug-out?
Can Hub cook ham in a big pot?

The kids don't get hub, tab, or keg, but comprehend put hot dog in bun.

Tab is a diet soft drink.  Hub is a wheel cap, or an airline system or a communications center. A hub has spokes when you speak.

When red consonants and blue vowels work together, they make words.  You can't have one without the other.

Pop top pull tab cold can hot sun long day, oh my, what more to say?

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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