The early bird gets a seat on the plane

N. Mastalir--acrylic--1973
Thank you, Patricia at Gate B-8, for getting me home again. Air travel is a challenge on a good day, and D.C. was having a hellish day. Yup, hotter than Hades. Hot enough to melt the tarmac, and cause a jet's landing gear to sink into the goo. Fortunately, I was not flying La Brea Airways out of Reagan. I was going Southwest from BWI.  Getting to BWI was tricky because a Metro station was closed on the Green Line due to a "heat kink". This is definitely not as sexy as it sounds. Instead, this would be the same heat kink derailment that wreaked havoc on fans going to and from the Nationals/Rockies game Friday evening.

Avert your eyes if you don't do kinky!

Cause of West Hyattsville Metro outage
Yes, I copied this image from the Metro website, but I kinda figure they owe me (and thousands of other riders) for travel difficulties during the July 4th week. On the good side, most of the Metro escalators were working fine during my trip.

Much thanks to the Woolly Mammoth for shepherding me through the Metro mess. He's a good boy, and takes care of his easily-frazzled mama!

Back to my hero, Patricia at the Southwest gate. She saw a missed connection in my future and rebooked my flights. I got home an hour earlier than scheduled, and way earlier than I would have with a missed connection. Plus, it was a non-sweating flight!

This is the repair crew working on the Metro:

(Photo taken at the National Building Museum's Lego Architecture : Towering Ambition exhibit.)  More thanks to the Woolly Mammoth for introducing me to online virtual Lego building. This is the greatest way to waste time and achieve "flow", but you have to use Google Chrome as your browser. If you don't hear from me, I will have achieved Lego nirvana.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Glad to hear of your safe travels! Also glad you did not get stuck in goo on the way.

Kim said...

I am perseverating on Heat Kink.


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