Condimental lift

While cleaning the fridge I review lodging options for an upcoming family reunion. In town? At the coast? Hotel? Time-share condo? Rustic cabin?  On this triple-digit day staring into the refrigerator is a luxury air-conditioned vacation.

Please step to the rear of the elevator.

A child of early-Sixties grade school playground culture, I always wonder if the business travelers down below in the atrium of Embassy Suites can see up my skirt when I ride the glass elevator.


The family lost a generation this year, but added a new one. Refrigerator changes are bound to occur.

All the generations posing for the reunion photo 
You can see the two mustards hamming it up. The Lawry's marinade twins brought their foreign exchange student, Mae Ploy hot sweet chili sauce. The gymnastic ketchup and mayo stood on their heads. The local Best Maid hamburger slices bonded with their cousin Claussen Kosher sandwich dills. Two dressings for the cole slaw sang along with Annie's Tuscan vinaigrette. Who invited those two vinos? You can't see the tahini way in the back, but Ms. Janie's mustang grape jelly is in the front row. The roasted peppers and grilled artichokes will be living in the dorm next year. The jar of horseradish has been around for decades.

Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce and a jar of tartar sauce were too depleted to attend the reunion. The sweet relish played a lovely piano recital before Durkee's Famous Sauce and Dorothy Lynch Dressing were inducted into the family hall of fame.

Every attendee received a complimentary individual serving size pouch of Arby's Horsey Sauce.  I found them in the same drawer with the five thousand twist-ties.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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