On the trails

The two-week break from school is almost gone, without winding up Dad's estate or doing a heroic house-cleaning. My stay-cation included several wonderful walks and lunches with friends, but also solo walks with my camera.

Bluestem  shared information about this plant,  Illinois Bundleflower.  The seed pods have always intrigued me, but now I'm paying more attention to its growing cycle.  And yes, it makes me sing, "Yes We Have No Bananas." Desmanthus illinoensis may have psychedelic properties.

Leather-flower has hairdo properties. When I first spotted it in May I had just watched Amadeus, and was thinking about those purple powdered wigs. Clematis pitcheri seems to be a hardy perennial vine.

As the flowers opened further I was reminded of my childhood Barbie wig salon toy. I could dip the flip or bouffant in vinegar and watch it turn flame orange or maybe even purple.
This wildflower is adored by bees. When I spotted it in May it seemed to be wearing a crown. I nicknamed it "queen-for-a-day". Now the nature preserve is a sea of these flowers in full jubilee splendor. Plains horsemint is also known as lemon beebalm.

I'm excited to find the Native Plant Information Network. It's much more helpful than my guidebook.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Love these pix & finds. Hmm, Illinois bundleflower?! I don't think I've ever seen one. Now I will probably see them everywhere and think, "Oh, that!"

Bluestem said...

I need go on a field trip with you. You always find all of the interesting native plants. I did not know Illinois Bundleflower and Leather flower grew here until I saw your posts. Wildflower.org is a great site. I check it for plant information all the time.


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