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HALMA F.                  ADOLPH J..
1891-1981                                            1888-1938
January 25, 1891  Sac, IA               July 28, 1888 Verdigre, NE
December 11, 1981 Pierce, NE         October 5, 1938 Pierce, NE
                             George Burkhead and Clara Lee         Joseph Mastalir and Mary Novak

Last Sunday evening I was trying to find old photos of hanging lamp fixtures in Carnegie Libraries.  Don't ask why. Instead I tripped over this information about my grandparents from their gravestone at the Prospect View Cemetery in Pierce County, Nebraska.

Halma has been an incredible inspiration through my life as strong, smart, hard-working, creative, thrifty,  perfect mother-in-law, generous hostess and cook extraordinaire.  The legendary figure of Adolph has been held up to me in teaching stories of honor and principles, although it has been tough to get a sense of the man who was my grandfather.

My other grandparents are buried in Fort McPherson National Cemetery near Maxwell, NE.  Fred was a First Lieutenant in the U.S. Army in WWI. We shared an interest in polished rocks and western outlaws.


March 24, 1896  Stamford, NE  
November 7, 1977 McCook, NE

October 7, 1894  - February 6, 1988
Daughter of Paul Goss 1869-1951 and Minnie Rachel Wehrman Goss 1872-1959

Although I knew my father's grandmother, Mary Novak, died shortly before my sister was born in 1959, I had never realized my mother's grandmother died the same year. My sister should be glad she was named Mary and not Minnie!

I never knew there were hobbyists known as gravers until I tripped over www.findagrave.com. Just for fun I searched for a few graves of western outlaws, Bob Dalton in Coffeyville, KS, Sam Bass in Red Rock,TX,  and Bill Doolin in Guthrie, OK


Kathleen said...

Gravers. I will have to think about that.

Used to live in Kearney, NE.

Genevieve said...

Now that I'm obsessed with my family tree, I really appreciate people who are willing to donate their time to documenting gravestones and cemeteries. I've learned a lot about some of my ancestors at Find A Grave. And as further evidence of the genealogical helpfulness of this site -- Ancestry.com has recently included the Find A Grave database in their searches. I was a little shocked though, when I found photos of my parents' gravestone on Find A Grave!

Genevieve said...

I looked your grandfather up on Ancestry. In the 1920 census, he says that his father was born in Pennsylvania, so I think your Clarks and my Clarks are probably unrelated. My Clarks were from Maryland and North Carolina originally.


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