All my travel mugs passed before my eyes

Thought I must be gonna die! It was a seriously bad dream. The mugs were all a-jumble in a cheapo blue storage crate from a Dollar Store.  The oldest wasn't  from the Conoco station at Broadway and W. 15th in Edmond, Oklahoma. There were earlier primitive versions that were supposed to cling to the dashboard before the invention of cupholders. Lots of  blue mugs with advertising logos and leaky lids, the gimmees and freebies. School fundraiser cups with kiddie drawings encased in plastic. Expensive stainless steel ones that got just as moldy as the freebies.

There is the box being lifted down from the shelf, mugs glowing with a mildly radioactive twang. My reading material must be cockleburs in the jammies of my REM sleep. Put all those possessions out there on the front lawn--even the travel mugs. Everything must go.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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