Losing my mind? No just my brisket!

To thaw or not to thaw? That is the question for GrillMama, or whether it would be nobler to finish the brisket and black beans I made in the crockpot before I try to make teriyaki pork chops.

Now where did I put that brisket?  I took it out of the crockpot Saturday and put it in some Tupperware and it should be right--  No!

  • Is it behind the lettuce or that darn honeydew melon that makes me sneeze?  No.  
  • You gotta be kidding.  Did I stick it in the freezer?  No.  
  • In the veggie crispers or the cheese drawer?  No.  This is getting weird.  
  • Check the trash.  
  • Check the cupboards for canned goods, Tupperware, crackers, First Aid. No! 
  • Laundry room. No. 
  • Recycling bin. No. 
  • Car trunk?  Well I once did forget a bag of groceries with a nice rump roast in the trunk of the Skylark. It took awhile to get rid of the smell. 
  • Repeat searches except for the car trunk. 
  • Check the cupboard of doom that holds a weird mix of parmesan, cottage cheese, hummus, and yogurt containers. No.  
Oh! There wasn't any Tupperware that fit the leftover brisket so I put it in the vanilla yogurt container. Phew. Glad I didn't buy any blackberries to go with that vanilla yogurt. Let's just put the honeydew in the dumpster and not have an allergic reaction that might cause further memory loss because we've got bigger questions.

Wonderful visit with good friends sitting around at Cafe Brazil. [My daughter-in-law makes better empanadas, though.] Then a noon-ish walk at Arbor Hills Nature Center. Good to see so much water in the mossy pond, and look, there's a blue heron, and another!  Put the camera on zoom. One has a blue bill. One is short. Wait one has a black and white mask with goofy head plumes. One is writing words in the mossy surface of the pond. It's spelling:

   K I S S  T H E  R E S T  O F  Y O U R  A F T E R N O O N 
B Y E  A N D  G E T  O U T  Y O U R  F I E L D  G U I D E S 

Who knew herons could write and predict the future?

  • Field guides out. Check.
  • Enlarging photos. Check.
  • Online sources bookmarked. Check.
  • Afternoon shot. Check.
The heron with the blue bill seems to be an adult Little Blue Heron, possibly with brighter breeding season colors.

The short blue heron with yellow legs, blue body, and purple throat is illogically a Green Heron.

The heron on the other side of the fallen tree that I didn't even see at the beginning is not either of those two.  It is a Yellow-crowned Night Heron, only the second one I've ever seen.

That's all the mysteries I can handle for one day, even if I'm on vacation from school. Maybe a nap now and some leftover brisket later!

Crockpot Brisket with Black Beans
(Because you've got bigger mysteries to solve):

  • Dump a bag of black beans in 3 cups boiling water. Turn off heat, cover, leave overnight. Drain. 
  • Put an eight-dollar beef brisket, trimmed of most fat, in a big crockpot. (Packaging removed, but then I don't have to tell you that!)
  • Might be smart to plug in the crockpot
  • Add 2 stalks chopped celery, 2 cloves smashed and chopped garlic, 1 can of beer, 1 chunk of pineapple from a teacher appreciation edible bouquet (At this point eat the grapes, raspberries, and strawberries from the bouquet and write a thank you note)
  • Juice of one lime or not.
  • Lots of chopped cilantro since what are you going to do with it otherwise?
  • A peeled and diced potato
  • Maybe an onion, chopped
  • Three sliced mini sweet peppers or one-half sliced bell pepper
  • Maybe another can of beer
  • The rest of that can of Rotel and half a can of diced Hatch chiles (Hot).
  • What the heck, peel and chop that last carrot. 
  • Add 2 cups water
  • Dried parsley--Note: Is shaker lid securely on parsley jar? Oops. Not a problem, just fish out the plastic lid
  • Tablespoon of molasses
  • Add water to fill the last of the bottle of Sweet Baby Ray's Honey Barbecue Sauce. Shake. Stir in
Set crockpot (already plugged in) on Low overnight, then on High when you wake up. Try some over a flour tortilla, but it's not just for breakfast anymore. Add more Sweet Baby Ray's if you've got it. Turn crockpot to Warm. It kind of perfumes the whole house, and smells lots better than potpourri.  

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

I love herons, and I love my crockpot. Though I usually max out at about 4 ingredients, that recipe sounds good!

Collagemama said...

It was a clean out the fridge sort of recipe requiring no shopping.

Kathleen said...

Love those herons!

I do appreciate being told to plug in the crockpot. I also like to be reminded to turn it on.


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