Looking out my back door at the big moon on the rise

Watching the big moon rise over the neighbor's shed roof where the tiny bluejay figured out how to fly.  It's been a busy few hours on the patio, and the dish hasn't even run away with the spoon yet.

Got home from work to find a patio soap opera unfolding on the fence.  A very scruffy young and clueless bluejay was parked on the top of the gate. That's just where the green anole like to sit and show off his pink neck fan, so he was turning yellowish in aggravation. The baby bird's eyes were going bubby-agoggy.  Please don't let it go humpty-dumptying splat on the concrete!

The anole finale left in disgust, and the baby bird sat down and drowsed on the gate.  It woke up and stretched, then a parent flew in with a nutritious snack and a pep talk. Reenergized, the baby started looking all around for a close destination, then hopped down the fence top.  It made the flight across the alley to the neighbor's shed roof and did a victory hopping dance.  After another little rest it flew to the roof of my condo and out of sight.  The anole returned to do its own victory performance, once again the master of the fence top.  I was  ready for a victory snack of hummus myself.
Who said "fledge"?

Pathetic and woe-begone

Better after a feeding and pep-talk

Yee-haw!  This might be fun!

Cue the "Rocky" theme song!

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I think I was having hummus at exactly the same time!

Kim said...

Victory Hummus For All! Is there a Hummus Dance? There should be!

Collagemama said...

"We Are the Champions of Hummus" by Queen.


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