Breathing easier tonight

Twenty-four hours ago I was a nervous wreck.  I'd received a phone message from a Brandon Callahan claiming to be the Director of Litigation for Attorneys Network preparing to take action on a case "connected to the names and Social Security numbers" for myself and my ex. My waking brain was scrolling through every possible scenario from my past life that could lead to any sort of litigation in my county, mentioned by name in the phone message.  Think there's nothing possible? You haven't had a good scare and some time alone stewing with your wild imagination.

"Don't lose any sleep over it."  That was Danger Baby's advice.  "It has to be a mistake.  You have been divorced sixteen years".  Happily divorced, I might add.

Okay, but Dad's estate administrator application was just filed, plus my ex seems to be in foreclosure.  It's pretty amazing what info you can find at your county's case search website.  More fuel for the fevered imagination!

Alas, I had wild, wild nightmares that included plumbing leaks, huge piles of dirty laundry, my former in-laws, Jackie Onassis, marathon runners at a church for the deaf, and a reception for the fashionably late  members of an opera board of directors!  The hors d'oeurves looked really appetizing but we never got to eat.  Welcome to the Hotel California...

Tonight we have determined that this is an obnoxious and ridiculous scam.  If you get a call, don't return it or leave any personal information on the voice mail.  I'm putting these terms in this post so future victims will be able to search them:

Brandon Callahan
Brendan Callahan
James Newkirk
Zimmerman, Young & Associates
Attorneys Network
Kenneth Weinberg Grayson



© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Holy Moly, that would have stressed me out, too! Fortunately, instead, I've just been looking for twin boyfriends for you and Anne Lamott. It won't be Brendan and Brandon Callahan, will it.

Kim said...

The Player just got an email scam this week phishing for his credit card number to get a $79.99 price on $2000 worth of "education" so he could sell stuff on eBay. The thing that was scary about it was they made it look like his son sent hiim the link...yowza!


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