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I had no idea Friday the Thirteenth was also Scrabble Day, but I thank Kim for playing!  On Friday I was short of sleep and still reeling from the school music performance of "The Alphabet Tree".  The Word Bug in the story had to arrange the preschoolers wearing letter t-shirts into words.  The preschoolers were, how to say it, not necessarily ready or wanting to participate in this word-building.

For privacy reasons I can't post identifiable photos of my students, just as they couldn't always form identifiable words.  In the show they had to be formed into:

hot     dot

rats   sour    earth


Treat others as you would like to be treated!!!!

I kid u not.

As the art teacher, I had to watch powerless from the sidelines.  Felt like the time in '91 when Oil Can Boyd was pitching for the Texas Rangers and could not get out of the inning.  If I didn't have to rehearse my red wiggler worms for their upcoming performance I would waste time tracking down how many runs the opponents scored in that inning.  I really wanted to Little Bunny Foo-Foo old Oil Can:

bop nim on da hed

The spring semester rolls on over gravel ruts. Five year old boys are practicing writing their letters. They all have a future creating security words for blog comment verification.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

our church steering committee did a similar word-building team-building exercise with letters, trying to makes words out of our nine letters Without Speaking. We had the letters for the word COMMUNITY but we did not realize it until one of the committee members (ok, that would have been me) broke the rules and spoke. I said something like, "what a waste, 2 M's" and then someone smarter than me (probably Kathy) put our word together.

Kathleen said...

Exactly! Security words. Wait! I want that job. I am now writing the 2 word phrases as a collection of wacky names.

Today I met: Seeps Huide


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