Lean green scene

Monday's strange hike got lost in the drama of Tuesday's weather.  Wednesday's Buick is fully loaded, but not with accessories.  We just don't have room in our small school to store the various sections of the spring music festival backdrop as they are completed, so the new car's trunk and backseat have become a dramatis mobilis storage vehiculosis.  Yes, a very bad case of the aforesaid!

This is a very green scene.  The goal is a leafy forest feel without any free-standing pieces for the kids to trip over or knock down.  The stage will be very full of children and Orff instruments.

The scene is being set without spending much green.  So far the costs have been limited to one jar of green fingerpaint, one roll of wax paper, and one roll of strange lime green netting from World Market.  The netting was in the gift wrap department.  Total under twelve bucks.

Other material include a bushel of toilet paper tubes, fabric from two donated Indian saris, mesh-cut corrugated packing materials, donated prints and papers, used tissue gift paper, leftover wire, and some burlap found in a closet.  How is that, Mother Earth?

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kim said...

It's not Easy Being Green but you have made it look very appealing!


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