Look Mama, no rust!

Glad to get my new vehicle home to its carport this afternoon with no hail damage.  Many places in the DFW area have serious tornado and storm damage. There have been at least twelve tornadoes in the region. I don't have the latest information, but I'm glad my students are safe, and our school was not in the path of a storm.

We spent most of the afternoon in the windowless interior lunchroom in distraction/diversion mode. None of the students worried, so I think we were very successful. Lots of teachers tap-dancing in North Texas today!

Several friends suggested that my 1996 Skylark would not get a trade-in offer, and that I would have to pay to have the car hauled away.  Some said the only value was the cool  EARTH bumper sticker.  The good news is I had a replacement bumper sticker in reserve in hopes that I would one day have a new vehicle.

My two daughters-in-law have heard me rhapsodize about my newlywed 1980 brown Toyota Corolla, and suggested I would buy a new Corolla. Gotta love these smart women in my family now!  But no, not a Corolla.

Most people guessed small, fuel-efficient vehicles. Danger Baby offered his usual Chevy Malibu suggestion.  Friends with magical thinking guessed a pick-up truck or maybe a bright red Prius convertible!  Nobody guessed a '61 Plymouth Sport Fury, but I still would love to own one!

My dad's longtime home health helper guessed I got another Buick Skylark. Sharla's is the best guess and wins one autographed license plate. Just have to figure out how a car can sign an autograph!  Danger Baby was closest with his $401 guess on the trade-in offer.  His prize license plate will be a classy item in his law office!

So what did I get?  Enquiring minds want to know how I'll be driving my traveling worms around to their performances.

Yup.  A Buick.  A 2002 Century with only 30K miles!  It's a cream puff.  A little old lady only drove it to church and kept it in her garage.

I hope a reader will tell me the expression for verbally carrying on and on in glowing, golden, melodic terms to compliment someone or something.  Geez!  Is this the beginning of dementia?  All I can think of is

raps his naughtic
rhaps hypnotic
hips rhapsodic
lapse hypsrhosdic

Please, please help.  I'm so far off I can't even find a way to search for this frequently used expression.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Wax rhapsodic as much as you want, dear girl! You can DO that to a car!!

Collagemama said...

Oh, thank you, thank you Kathleen. I am writing it down to put in the drawer with the rest of my "brains".

Kim said...

Glad you are safely home in your new vehicle. My dream car is another 4-wheel drive Subaru wagon like the one I had in my single, camping-every-weekend 20's! (Mine was a red 84 GL.)

Collagemama said...

I'll keep my eyes open for your dream car if you'll do the same for me!

Kim said...

Today I took my car in for some new brakes, turns out I didn't need brakes but rather new (and more expensive) struts. Since the car wasn't ready on my time, they gave me a loaner until tomorrow...a brand new Nissan Rogue with 201 miles on it. Oh the smell! While roving in my Rogue I heard an NPR story about a 93 year old who just quit driving and she's had her much-loved "Comet" for 500,000 miles. My new hero/ine.

Collagemama said...

I heard that story, too! The story is at:



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