Woodpecking order

Good day creating woodpecker art with the kids. Sound effects were not as funny as the youngest children pretending to be woodpeckers.  Imagine you have your wings behind your back.   Hold on to the tree with your toes.  Now tap-ta-tap with your long, strong beak.  "Whoa!  It's hard being a woodpecker!," a four year-old exclaims.

Student drew pileated woodpeckers.  

(Pileated  adj \ˈpī-lē-ˌā-təd, ˈpi-\ having a crest covering the pileum)

Fallen tree at Oak Point Nature Preserve

Woodpecker & 5 baby woodpeckers, by 5 year old

I love the look on the small bird's face!

After work enjoyed a long walk at Oak Point with lots of birds celebrating Leap Year.  White flowers everywhere.  Downed trees with woodpecker evidence.  And now the opportunity to present the Golden Pond Scum award for this unexpected gem:

Alas, no ivory-billed woodpecker, at least not this time....

Today my sister will teach all her choral students how to do the Monkees walk.  And now a little bit of fun with Davy Jones.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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