Leggings all on their lonesome and petticoats all around

Midway through the morning I understood part of my peculiar George Clooney dream, if not the more interesting part.  Our school is have difficulty with the concept of appropriate school attire. This year's fashion distractions and issues:

  1. Leggings worn as pants. At what age/weight do these leggings really need to be worn with a skirt or tunic?  Heaven knows they are as comfy as jammies or thermal longjohns, but is that the right way to feel at school?  There is much consternation and debate among the staff on this issue.
  2. Petticoats worn as skirts. For several years girls' attire has been crossing into realms of pageant, costume, Halloween, or what we used to call "Dress Up Box".  Kids in the Sixties went home from elementary school, changed out of their "school clothes" into their "play clothes".  Then they added their cowgirl holster, and/or an old pink petticoat, Grandma Myrtle's old fox stole, and some clip-on earrings for imaginary playtime. Now that's just normal go-to-school wear.

Everyone, including George Clooney, is relieved that I have been long past the age/weight for showing up to work in leggings. I wore petticoats just once for Halloween 2010 when I was "Art Teacher Diva".  George was absent that day, or he would have been smitten.

Petticoat junction

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

You are wonderful fun and can wear anything!!


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