Cannot blog. Must watch dog.

Spring break is ending, taking no consideration of my need for another two+ weeks.  Why can't years or months or weeks leap on demand? When I am in charge of the world this will be a top priority.

Worked through a lot of estate stuff, and got rid of enough piles of papers I can see my carpet all around the computer desk. The good news is when  a financial institution says it can't tell you who the beneficiary is, "but it is not YOU", it doesn't necessarily mean your father sired another family out in Utah. The bad news is it will take a long time to untangle this stuff.

Having a grandbaby is very exciting, but still feels long-distance.  I'm warming to the name "Grancy", but haven't sprung it on the new daddy yet.

In the strange world of technology I've been able to watch my grand doggy via webcam during his stay at the kennel. He's had wonderful opportunities for socializing, play, and exercise. There have been adjustment issues including nervous peeing incidents, jumping on caregivers, trying to hump playmates, unwanted naptimes, and occasional loneliness.  It is ever so much like my preschool class except dogs can't pick their noses, and there's a little less emphasis on academics! I have to wonder how the relationships between teachers and parents would change if our charges were on a webcam twelve hours a day.

And now the good economic news:

  • I don't have to go live in a box under a freeway access ramp again this week.
  • The price for twenty-four night-crawlers at Academy Sports is still $3.89, exactly the same as last summer.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I like nightcrawlers.

Kim said...

Worms do not respond to fluctuations in oil prices?


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