Will there be treats?

Yes.  The world is full of treats.

Friday this little woodpecker put on a fabulous show for the children at recess and didn't even mind when small groups went closer with a teacher.  The kids were in awe. Some had heard a woodpecker before, but never seen one. Some wanted a woodpecker for their very own yard!
My condo neighbors managed to fix my mailbox, at least for the present. That was a treat to find when I got home. My computer still has mysterious issues.

We have been so busy celebrating the one hundredth day of school in the preschool classroom that we forgot to get ready for Valentine's Day. I was trying to explain XOXOX to the kids, along with the procedure for the Valentine exchange. The whole Valentine phenomenon is a mystery for many of our international families.

Arriving at my Saturday library job I was delighted to find this Lincoln Continental parked in the drive of a McMansion under construction.

What was the message here? 
Baby, you can drive my car?
A Mafia body in the trunk? 
A flashback to great autos I have loved? My next door neighbor in the early Sixties had a pink Continental like this, and I got to ride in it a few times, feeling like Cinderella. 

Maybe the message is just Xs and Os.
© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kim said...

That car probably gets negative mileage but it would be fun to drive around in it wearing dark sunglasses.


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