Weber mentor

Danger Baby and his lovely bride are here this weekend helping me in numerous ways.  First we worked through all the issues for Dad's estate and learned about probate in Collin County.  This will be a new adventure, and I am glad to have his legal-type thinking helping me sort it out.  Looking at the various accounts was pretty daunting on my own.

They have also been helping me with long-delayed condo maintenance tasks.  Days were not long enough, and my energy didn't go far enough for any problem in the mere annoyance category.

Perhaps most satisfying, Danger Baby is teaching me to use the Weber Q-Baby gas grill Dad won in a drawing sponsored by Miller Genuine Draft at HyVee years ago.  Dad already had a grill, so this one went into his basement and sat unused.  I brought it back to Texas in the Buick on one of my last Nebraska trips, but we had burn bans due to the drought.  Burning down the condo complex would not win me friends.  Plus, I just didn't get the whole fifty pound propane tank concept.

Now I know the Weber uses little baby 14.1 ounce propane bottles even I can lift.  Tonight I will have a lesson with the Grill Meister making honey barbecue chicken, corn, and asparagus.  I think Howie, that old charcoal perfectionist, would be pleased.  He may even be present.

And in the big rule of life category, You Must Be Present To Win.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Collagemama said...

Oh, and my daughter-in-law is teaching me about Pinterest.

Christine Thresh said...

You were so smart (way back when) having sons. They really are helpful when they grow up. I've found this true.
You have the right attitude about probate. Atta girl.

Kathleen said...

Warms my heart.

Kim said...

I love my gas grill, and there are always some nice neighbors with their charcoal grills to contribute that lovely aroma to the process!

Collagemama said...

I see lots of grilled veggies in my future. The kids even cleaned the leaf stains off the patio chairs!


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