Valentine socks rock around the clock

We rocked and bopped our little bazoozies off today helping all the kiddies put their Valentine cards in classmates' bags. Now I can open my bag, and the results are surprising. The lead is more splattered than the Republican presidential race. Disney Princesses do not control the girl constituency this year. No superhero in a flying cape offers hope of rescue. No movie tie-in dominates thanks to some superPAC money. A Ron Paul faction made their own Valentines.


Cars movie  /
Hot Wheels  /
Transformers  /
Trains  /
Samurai Power Rangers  /
Phineas & Ferb (a cartoon show I'd never seen)  /
Kitties  //
Doggies  ///
Whale /
Disney Mickey Mouse  //
Disney Princesses  /
Kung Fu Panda  /
Etch art dinosaur bones by Mello Smello with  poke-UR-eye-out stylus  /

Origami fortune teller  /
Fun foam insect with googly eyes  /
BFF  /
Hand-colored heart-shaped paper doily  /

Tempera paintings   //
Colored pencil drawings  //
Eames rocking chair  /  I'm not kidding!  I got a kiddie Valentine with my all-time favorite chair!

Chalkboard coffee mug  /  [Yes, a coffee mug I can write on with chalk.  It comes with warnings that chalk is not edible. This is also an excellent tongue-twister, as I kept saying "chalk bug coffee morgue", but then I also couldn't say "My spicy soup makes my nose drip"  three times fast at lunchtime.]

Shoulda worn my pink poodle skirt for the hop at school. I'm so glad my granddoggy is a schnauzer/yorkie mix. It would be embarrassing to have a porkie, dorkie, doodle, or schnoodle in the family.

And now let's pop Schnyidarmarink a Dink a Dink on the hi-fi turntable.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Sisi made Skunk valentines for her classmates, with original pencil drawings for each one. Phineas and Ferb totally rock! Especially Perry the Platypus "the semi-aquatic mammal of action."

Collagemama said...

Hooray for Sisi! I am totally in favor of original skunk Valentine drawings!

Kathleen said...

You rock my world!


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