Bourbon applesauce cake, bubonic plague, and buddies

My blogging friend Kathleen at Wait! I Have a Blog?! is always showing fabulous food art.  My blog buddy Kim at Hummus Anonymous is on the lookout for recipes.  I am on the lookout for rats, alas.

This photo shows the gorgeous bourbon applesauce cake sent me in lieu of tea and sympathy by my college friend Mary of Ohio. Yikes. Mary and I have been friends for thirty-seven years which is totally impossible!

The cake arrived today, but I'm a bit afraid to dive into it. Mary used my old recipe and I am not an elephant. Bourbon applesauce one-bowl cake is something I used to make as a newlywed. I remember enormous men eating a piece and then saying slowly, "That didn't just have applesauce in it, did it?"  Then they would fall to the floor like elephants shot with tranquilizer guns.
D.U.E. first offense

The cake smells so earthy and wholesome, what with the wheat germ.  I'll have an observer in my art classes tomorrow while we are doing printmaking.  The observer is a parent of a student as well as a student teacher, so it would be a VBT if I fell over on the floor.

The bubonic plague will kill me first. The squirrel sat on the patio fence trying to use ESP to convince me to refill the bird-feeder. When the squirrel took a break, the ring-necked dove stood in the same place on the fence trying to guilt-trip me. I ignored them, so they called in the big guns.

Yes, the begging, pleading, cute-as-a-button junco!  I am no match for the CAABJ.  Your very wish is my command!

So I fill up the bird-feeder and the junco collects a paycheck.  The ring-neck dove pigs out.  Then the squirrel.  Then, alas, the rat.

By refilling the feeder I resumed my enabling behavior.  No little pink ears or tiny toes will make me feel better. Being a rat is a bad job, but I don't want to make it easier. Being a squirrel is just diurnal rat-being.
How are members of Congress and Presidential candidates any different than my fence-beggers?  I'm just asking...

This is the recipe for Knock Over Elephants Bourbon Applesauce Cake aka KOEBAC (and I will eat some tomorrow, Mary!):

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

1) I saw a hugely fat rabbit in the yard on Fat Tuesday
2) You could make a bourbon applesauce cake for the rat....

Kim said...

I once made a bread pudding for Mardi Gras that had so much alcohol in it that when I opened the oven to take it out, several people got inebriated just breathing in the fumes! Yummm, it was so so good.

Collagemama said...

Yes! Get the rat drunk, but don't let it drive!

Remember those days when we only cleaned the oven when we were moving out of an apartment and we had to use Easy Off? Man, those fumes could knock you out.


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