Mystery lemurs, lavender pandas, Part I

Preschoolers have a lot of trouble distinguishing the colors and remembering names for tan, gray, lavender, and olive.  That speed bump must have provoked my construction paper choices for our latest art project.  We have been making directed drawings of black and white animals on lavender and olive paper.

Directed drawings are a step-by-step way for students to feel safe and confident working with simple shapes and lines.  It's also good vocabulary practice. "Make a circle in the corner" isn't as fun as "put stripes on your hot dog," or "begin with a question mark and add a sausage."

A lot of days begin that way.  I will go visit Dad before heading to work at the library in the morning with question marks.  We are in uncharted territory as his exit seems near. Or not.

Skunks wear four socks.  Dad kicks off socks.  Or did.  Dad doesn't have enough energy to kick socks off.  We take socks off to look at his feet for indications of approaching death.

Dad has lost the ability to move liquids or mashed foods to the back of his mouth for swallowing. He doesn't have the strength to suck a protein shake through a straw. He bites the straw. He bites the rim of a cup. A tiny bit of liquid tipped into his mouth just runs down his chin.

I will have to continue this later.

Put on your cheap sunglasses for the hot dog zebra drawing!

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Keeping you and your dad close to my heart.

Christine Thresh said...

So sad.

Collagemama said...

Thanks so much for your support. It means a lot, dear Bloggers.


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