Llama giraffe amaryllis

Please meet my new pet amaryllis. LLama is its name, although it llooks more llike a giraffe.  LLama is the tallest amaryllis I ever forced.  LLama is forcing me to llearn to spell.  LLama llooks llovelly in my mama's red Dansk bowl next to the Woolly Mammoth's volcano clay vase.

I've llooked up "amaryllis" in the Big Red Dictionary at lleast five times in the llast month.  I'll probably llook it up another dozen times before the two stalks finish blooming. In the meantime, LLama will help me remember calyx, sepal, stamen, pistil, and corolla.

Not that corolla!  The brown 1980 two-door Toyota Corolla still holds a fond corner in my heart.  It was the first car with my name on the lloan papers.  The truest thing my ex ever said was, "If we'd bought two of those Corollas we would still have one running."  It was a great little car, although llacking air conditioning.

Back in 1980 I was very torn about buying a foreign-made auto which would seem unpatriotic to my dad, seem a tiny deathtrap to my mom, and require me to learn to drive a stick shift.  For some reason I dreamed last night that I would have to drive a manual transmission vehicle to "save the day" and get us to the airport in time for the LLas Vegas flight.  I couldn't remember how to shift gears.  I couldn't hook the U-Haul trailer onto the car. Worse, I had misspelled all the names and numbers in my cell phone contacts list so I couldn't phone a friend for help.

We didn't have A/C in the '80 Corolla, but we were blessedly lacking cell phone technology.  My mother has become a frequent character actress in my recent dream movies.  So far, she rarely plays herself.

 © 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

I llove this.

Kim said...

LLikewise I'm sure!


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