If you're okapi and you know it

Clap your hands!

WARNING:  This will be a long commentary vaguely resembling that potpie in the oven when you realized your heating element bit the dust.

Hauled the box with the boys' baby things down from the top closet shelf, and an okapi fell on my head. This okapi is losing its fuzz, so I'm not going to save it with the Fisher Price Zoo for posterity. And, FYI, this is how you pronounce okapi.

Here are the baby things I saved for Mr. Speech and Debate. The tiny yellow Speedo will fit in a standard size mailing envelope. The hoodie will be right in style. There's a beautiful white blanket knit by one of my aunts that I will mail along with the fashions.
Turning pages in the latest Lands' End catalog I was stunned to find I could look like the bobble head gal in the Progressive Insurance ads for $40.00, just not in white.  Why would anyone want to do that?  I guess the Progressive ads are successful since they are burned on my retinas, but they never make sense.

In that same catalog I caught my breath on the page with the rope chair in the background.  What rope chair? The same rope chair in the background of a hundred photos of my young sons.

Everything old is new again!

On the left, a deedly dumpling Danger Baby, winter '85-'86. On the right, Lands' End crop leggings with the chair. We got the rope chair in 1980, and had it at least a dozen years, along with a matching ottoman and rocking chair. That takes my family through the births of three sons and moves to five houses.

No matter how you search, you will not find this Lyle the Crocodile Halloween costume/fleece jammie suit in the Lands' End catalog. It is modeled by Mr. Speech and Debate in 1984.

The Woolly Mammoth lounges in the rope rocking chair, circa 1990. Obviously a good way to relax after a nunchucks workout!

When my life passes before my eyes, there will always be chairs in the background.

© 2012 Nancy L. Ruder


Kathleen said...

Thank you for passing your life before my eyes. I'm glad you're okapi.

Collagemama said...

Your welcome. Thanks for always commenting!

Christine Thresh said...

We had that same chair, but ours had woven cane strips.

Christine Thresh said...

I found my picture of the chair on my blog. You can see it at:


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