At play with the English language

My boss asked, "Do you mind if I play some Christmas music?"

"As long as it isn't that rump a tum tum one," I answered, "or the twelve days."  That one always gives me flashbacks to Seventies t.v.

Long days with children who can't differentiate between pine cones, pineapples, and porcupines.  I slip off to my mental playground.

1 pear
Pair of pears
Pair of parrots
Partridge Family

1 apple
Pine cones
Corn on the cob

Pair of mittens
Pair of peppers
Pail of peppers

Puppy puppet
Sock puppet
Pair of socks
Pair of dogs
Prairie dog

Peanut butter
Peanut butter and jelly

Pizza chef
[Pepperoni with mushrooms, black olives, and green pepper]

9 potatoes
Potato Head in bed

Bongo polar bears 

Had to go forth to purchase pine cones, peppers, and pears for a photo shoot.  DFW is not a conifer-friendly metroplex, so pine cones don't just hang around waiting to be photographed.

Good grief, about a decade ago I ripped this funny illustration of Mr. Potato Head off to snoozeville out of a magazine.  Found the clipping while looking for something completely different, but it still makes me laugh.  Nothing on the page or reverse indicates the source.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Christine Thresh said...

That is a funny picture of Mr. Potato Head. I'm glad you saved it.

Kathleen said...

It makes me laugh, too! And so do you.


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