Signs in the sky point to Sibelius

Odd fire-breathing clouds at sunset Tuesday.  Tipped in a feathery spectrum they swirled,, more dragon than rush hour cloud.   Thought I might be hallucinating in the left turn lane with NPR broadcasting an obituary feature about Stalin's daughter, Svetlana. Was this a Lone Star State occurrence of the aurora borealis?  

No good photography options, without causing a traffic accident.  Finally pulled into the parking lot of a Methodist megachurch, and got a few shots.

Not entirely crazy.  Our high school Health Ed. teacher/basketball assistant coach warned us about psychedelic flashbacks.  Beginning to think there should have been warning labels about assistant basketball coaches instead.. The t.v. weather news dude explained that ice crystals in the clouds caused the odd prismatic atmospheric effects.  Not Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds.  More Sibelius in the orchestra room with icicles and violas.

Sibelius in deep slogging frigid depression opening into an aurora borealis of redemption, hey, what was that piece?  Love that my high school carpool friend wrote back immediately:  

I'm pretty sure it was Symphony No. 2 probably the 4th movement.  

Not Sibelius in a Finnish funk.  Not John Lennon.  Just Lyle Lovett in the cd player singing Guy Clark's perfect fire-breathing quiet song, "Step Inside This House":

Hold this piece of glass
Up to the light comin' through the door
It's a prism glass I found on the road
Can you see that little rainbow
Well it's not really a prism I guess
It just broke a funny way
I was on my way from Texas
Headed for L.A.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I love your amazing eyes and mind!


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