Roasted sweet pepper glaze

Rump roast perfectly done and topped with a taste sensation, if I do pat myself on the back!  A tip of the culinary hat to Christine at Winnowings for inspiring my toe-dip into a pond of jelly.

Christine wrote about making a simple refrigerated plum jam early in November.  She made it sound so easy I went straight to Sprouts looking for plums.  Alas, no plums.  So I bought strawberries and blackberries. Added sugar and lemon juice.  Cooked it down to a delicious treat.  I've been eating my jam on toasted English muffins with peanut butter, or stirring it into plain yogurt.

Feeling jampowered, I bought a bag of mini peppers.  After washing and sprinkling with olive oil I roasted half the baby peppers  in a big cast iron skillet in a five hundred degree oven, shaking the skillet every three or four minutes.  It was easy to remove the peels and seeds under running water.

Put the peeled peppers in a sauce pan.  Added the juice of one lime and one tablespoon of local honey.  Chopped up some fresh cilantro.  Cooked it all down over medium-low heat, slicing the soft peppers with the edge of my mother's metal spatula.  The smell was enticing, never mind that the smoke detector was still agitated.

A small rump roast was in the oven now.  For ten minutes after the roast reached "medium beef" on the meat thermometer it was slathered in the pepper/lime jam and staying in the 350 degree oven.   Slices of good beef edged with sweet pepper are making for some excellent sandwiches---on sesame seed Kaiser rolls.

One tiny step at a time for CollageMama.  A world of flavorful canning and preserving beckons, shadowed by ghosts of botulism, lead poisoning, and exploding pressure cookers.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

The peppers look beautiful, and I can almost smell them! Happy Thanksgiving. Our smoke alarms must be cousins.


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