Mayhem anoles

Ladies always do love outlaws, and I've got a crush on Mayhem, the guy in those AllState Insurance commercials that play on the tv during Dad's suppers.  Sure, he's not as cute, genteel, or wise as the Geico lizard, but he's got that bad boy magnetism.  The Buick wants to film a stunt chase scene with that actor.

I don't have a GPS, but if I did I would name it Bertha.  I would update Bertha regularly, except for when I didn't.  And then I might meet Mayhem, hollering about recalculating.  

That's why I've popped my old Hunt for Red October into the VHS player.  Connery's Ramius is the best possible combination of Geico lizard and AllState mad man when he orders a "recompute".

Captain, we are approaching the first turn. 
Increase speed to 26 knots and recompute
Aye, Captain. 

The little lizards were out and about last weekend in the last blast of summer temps.  Crawling on the warm, sunny bricks, they were recomputing and recalculating, upgrading and plotting locations.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Kim said...

The mayhem actor played Dennis, Liz Lemon's bad boy boyfriend on early episodes of 30 Rock. In case you need another fix sometime.


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