That's a really big sky.

"That's a really big sky," the five year old said.  "Do you think it will fall on us?" He was not joking.

"We must go and tell the king," I did not say.

He was staring up, unable to remember he was in the process of biting a Ritz cracker.  He's been known to worry how the birds that fly onto our fenced playground will get back out.  I keep hoping he will step into a phone booth and emerge as a super learner instead of Chicken Little.

I went back to watching for migrating monarch butterflies in that really big sky and wondering how to help kids focus.  I want an incredible cure for the epidemic of attention deficit.  Incredible... hmmm.  Weren't there some superheroes by that name?

Yes!!  I want to create the Indistractables, a crack team of superfocused preschoolers ready to listen, to stay on task, to think for themselves, to solve problems and learn new things. We must harness the power of the human brain!  We might need some red capes!

It won't help to just dress Chicken Little in a cape. But a chance to wear the Indistractables cape and receive a Super Focused Hero award might be an incentive for a few kids to follow through on a project.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I hope for a return of attention and focus, too. I think we probably need to reduce environmental toxins, and return to reading...and less of the visual/tv culture. BUT that seems unlikely, doesn't it. Unless we hit rock bottom....


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