Optical high jinks


Molasses stickiness on the lazy Susan started a cupboard cleaning attack. Before long the spice jars and three bottles of vanilla extract were all over the kitchen counter surrounding the colander.

I love this colander.  Picked it out as a gift for my mother in about 1969.  The orange/yellow/navy enamel wasn't really right for Mom's Mondrian color scheme preferences.

All those circle jar lids, circle oranges, and circle strainer holes demanded their camera moment. The images were an eye-popping op-art experience reminiscent of old Kodak flash cube afterimages.  If you want to feel a bit dotty and spotty, look at these photos, then look away to a white screen.

By the way, I worry about Kodak.  I sure don't miss the film camera process, just those plastic film cans with snap on lids.  They were so very useful.  As for George Eastman, the Kodak founder was a kid just like me once upon a time in those "Childhood of Famous Americans" books.  George Eastman, Young Photographer was one of many in the series I read at Eastridge Elementary.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

1 comment:

Christine Thresh said...

What a good looking colander. I'd be making noodles every night just so I could use it.


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