On a scale of one to ten

Dad is beginning to experience pain, or perhaps be less able to handle discomfort.  "U V W X Y 2 3 4 5," he said several times.  It took awhile to sink in, but his facial expressions helped me know he was suffering.

"Are you uncomfortable 3 4 5, Dad?"

"No, six."

This it a guy who never ranked the pain after his second hip break higher than a 3. Howard is not a whiner.

"I'll get you some help for that, Dad."

"Waiting," he replied.

After a couple hours with Dad, I went to the fabric store for retail therapy.  Two old-timers were training three new employees at the fabric cutting tables.  I drew a number, A30.  The cutters were assisting customer A12.   Waiting.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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