Feeling so so so much better, but who's counting?

A three day weekend

Feel free to copy and paste one into my life any time.  Well, not so often as to make me join the ranks of the unemployed.  Just often enough to help me stay a tiny bit sane in the ranks of the 99.5% overworked and underpaid!

Saturday I finished my autumn celebration care packages for my sons and daughters-in-law.  Got the Chex Mix back on track after the melted margarine disaster, found baskets for the sewn napkins, picked up some orange twinkly light strings, and bought the packs of Seneca Apple Chips at Tom Thumb.

Sunday I Goldilocks tested all the boxes I've accumulated for shipping, but then had to go buy boxes and bubble wrap at Target.  Monday got those boxes shipped, so my sons will have their Chex Mix by next weekend's football games.

Made runzas, the national food of Nebraska.  Took some hot out of the oven over to share with Dad at the nursing home while we watched the Rangers/Tigers game.  Although he kept saying, "baseball channel 44," reading a reminder I posted on his bulletin board, he didn't really watch the game. He had a few bites of his runza.

After the second inning it was time to get Dad up and into his wheelchair to visit the on-site beauty shop.  Yikes.  Dad needed to wear some pants. When we got to the beauty shop, Dad had trouble tilting his head back for the shampoo.  It seemed harder for him to comprehend his reflection in the mirror.  How do we process our own aging and decline?  As long as we see ourselves in the mirror everyday, the incremental changes are barely perceptible.

Rain.  So very glad for the rain.  Wonderful to sleep upstairs nearer the skylight, hearing the rain in my sleep.
Played with a few rain photos, cropping and turning them like quilt squares.

Never thought much about what happens when you fill your gas tank now that gas is momentarily below $3/gallon, but then your gas pump goes flopbot.  How do the mechanics carefully unhook and lower the full gas tank out of the way to replace the gas pump?  The darn thing is very heavy and unwieldy, and probably flammable.  A good story, but glad it wasn't my Buick!

Now, let's do the weekend numbers:

nature hike /
UPS Store /
Walmart /
Michaels /
Target /
professional development workshop /
professional development self-guided study /
Rangers lead the Tigers by // games
Sonic //  [Had a serious craving for chili cheese coney dogs with mustard, but I'm all over it now.]
chats with the great gal at the auto repair shop ///
looming tasks completed ////
nursing home visits /////
grocery store visits /////
times restarted Adobe Photoshop Elements 3.0 ///// /////
text messages ///// ///// //
blobs of bread dough made into runzas ///// ///// ///// /

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

Sounds like a wonderful /// days!

Kathleen said...

I'm glad about the Chex Mix, and very interested in this thing called runza!


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