Sunny with a chance of hamburger buns

Bakery debris on the 75 expressway  was strangely peculiar.  First, I drove south through crashed pieces that might have been bakery trays. Then suddenly, I was driving though hundreds of sliced hamburger buns bouncing around, blown by passing cars, and getting squished between the Campbell and Arapaho exits.

After work I headed north up 75.  Took  the George Bush Turnpike exit on the high overpass through WHAT?  Remains of a watermelon hailstorm on the George Bush overpass!  Curving around the ramp to head into the sun and pulling down the visor, when bunka chunka chunka, I was zooming through the middle of the mess. Am I a road warrior or a picnic caterer?

Friday's walk along the  Rowlett Creek Trail  found me jumping the fallen log to photograph a fast moving skink.  As I went over, it zoomed under.  When it climbed up the other side of the log to see if I was gone, I wasn't.  Peek a boo.  It hid in a  pile of leaves with just the last blue inch of its tail visible.  We played peek a boo two more times before we both got tired.  According to the Texas Monthly Field Guide Series book A Field Guide to the Reptiles and Amphibians of Texas by Judith M. Garrett, my log-jumping partner is a five-lined skinkEumeces fasciatus.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder


Kim said...

I was guessing blue-tailed skink. What's with all the food on the highways down there?

Collagemama said...

Kim, I had to do a morning rewrite on this post. Don't have a clue about the culinary road hazards.

Kathleen said...

What an interesting journey! Thanks for the tip and the skink!


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