Kite therapy

Twenty years later, the Woolly Mammoth still likes to fly kites.  He is my hero for cleaning out his bedroom this Labor Day weekend, and for reminding me how effective kite therapy can be for most of what ails me.

It will take practice to get the hang of the two string kite.  My shoulders feel the effort this morning.  My son and his girlfriend demonstrated the technique, and I was an enthusiastic untangler and rewinder.  Happily, I didn't fall down into the deep cracks in the dry meadow trail.  The clouds held no rain, and there's none in the ten-day forecast.  Still, we are celebrating the end of triple-digit days.

We saw a good-sized snake closer to Rowlett Creek walking on the Caddo Trail at Oak Point Nature Preserve.  By good-sized I mean imagine stringing eight toilet paper tubes together.  That big.  The drought is increasing snake encounters.  My neck got a good workout looking up at the kite and down for snakes!

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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