Good dog!

Making art and sharing books.  I remember now what I like about teaching.  Choosing a theme and exploring it with the kids through many different mediums is fun and stretching.

At the Parent Meeting one new mom asked me about art class.  Her daughter told her we made a dog out of a potato.  And, yes, we did.  We make lots of things out of potatoes, hot dogs, and chicken nuggets.  Drawing a baked potato seems much less threatening to kids than drawing an oval.  Nuggets are easier than circles, and hot dogs are so useful.

This week we managed to talk about stove safety, the importance of breakfast, and whether dogs can really wiggle on the moon.  We got a few wiggles out, too, reading Doreen Cronin's book, Wiggle.  This book is excellent for those of us who drag our saggy carcasses to the coffee maker every morning.

Do you wiggle in the morning?  Do you wiggle out of bed?
If you wiggle with your breakfast, it might wind up on your head.

This boy is eight or nine, and put an apron on the dog.  That's quite the gourmet stovetop with all those burners.
 A four year-old girl's pancake landed on the dog's head.  
This new student, a six year-old boy, seems to cook with a welding mask and tennis racket.

More good dog books and art in the next few weeks.  Now for more coffee.

© 2011 Nancy L. Ruder

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Kathleen said...

I think I should try the welding mask method of cooking, actually.


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